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Welcome To My Home Page
You have somehow managed to stumble onto testright dot com. congratulations. This site is mainly just a quiz site for which you can fond almost any type of quiz you want.
Listing Site Updates

the enterteinment page and quiz page 2 have been finished. quiz page 3 has already been started. 6/30

The tests on this site will ALWAYS be ones that come with pics.

And under em i'll put what kind of test it is

(the pic above is NOT an example)

If you fond any tests that have dead links (you keep clicking on it and you keep getting a page that says it dosent exist or has been deleated) then be sure to e-mail me and let me know which test it is.

Well, anyone who knows me knows the fact that im obsessed with KingdomHearts. And where does an obsessed person go to get the latest info on KH? Why AnsemReport dot com of course! Its the best KH site around and they let you know about every little change thats going on with KH2, Chain of Memories and anything else that has to do with KH! ...well, its back up again. dosent have as much cool stuff as it used to but its still a good site for KH updates.


another cool KH site- www.kingdomhearts2.net